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BUT if you put violence and nudity in a film = art!

Ed B:

Can't recall ever criticizing Eva Mendes for appearing nude. Nope, sorry.


That's only because there is typically a limited number of people most of us want to see naked. There are WAY too many dumb-masses. THIN OUT THE HERD!!!

...And actually, I disagree. Media bombs us with sex/nudity 24/7, & "fashion" is such that when I go out, I see "private" bits hanging out all over the place.

devon cox:


thats the fun part of motern age. dont wana see cellphones and adversting useing porn your gona have to go back before a time of mass media or the printing press.


John, off topic to this image, but, when you gonna hit the page with Obama holding a dagger or a sniper rifle and saying. " I've got Israel's back...(you can have the front and the sides...)"

Only you could do it justice...maybe you and Michael Ramirez...both greats.

C'mon, we're burnin' daylight here...



And for the record, I never criticize or censor nudity unless the nudee looks like a bamboo tree or a manatee.



Believe me, man--I get your point--& you're "dead-on _____ accurate." Only other thing I'll say is that I wasn't even talking about porn--I was just talking about mainstream "culture"--AKA "The Museum of Modern Societal Decay."


Great concept. Hundreds of ways to approach it. If you have a petition, I'll sign.

Tom Wms.:

Aw the memories.

devon cox:

well is more on the american side of the soical decay we have a lack of culture we have a lack of health and we have a lack of applyed logic or intlect. when you see quotes your never see any motern america intlectuals you see germans and greeks


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