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Illustration Friday: INTENTION


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Doc Al:

The chessboard was shrouded in mist as the full moon rose over a dark and stormy Knight.......




A chess geek's extension to Doc's storyline:

... Suddenly, an echo rang out!

I like this a lot, perfect for the theme of "intention"... and the texture is just marvelous!! :)


LMAO! You guys are too much! I'm a pawn to your humor!

Dr. Bob:

Chess is just like real life... the Queen has all the power, she makes the big moves and the King can only shuffle behind a step at a time.

And once a Knight is enough.

Actually, chess requires too much thought - after a while it becomes a bored game.

Beautifully done !


Reminds me when I was in The Philippines (Subic Bay) in '75 for my Midshipman's cruise (aboard the USS Wichita). The Filipino TV stations aired chess matches with "color commentary" (at least I think it was "color commentary"; I don't speak Tagalog).


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