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Tacking On Another One


I tend to be a bit introspective on my birthday. Can't complain. Hell, at least it's nothing a few shots of Wild Turkey can't fix.

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Brian Dimmitt:

Hey HEY! Another Friday the 13th kid!

Upland, Ca January 13th, 1964.

I raise my glass too ya!

Happy 48th!

John Cox:

Hey Brian
Backatcha! I'm a '64 Pensacola model.



Mark Reardon:

Not too long now and you'll disciver the real 'F' word rhymes with NIFTY.

Ed B:

Forty Eight? I've got stuff in my freezer older than you...

Dr. Bob:

Happy birthday, John! And many more in the future!

BTW, is the guy on the right some sort of alter-ego or based on a real person you know?

John Cox:

Well, okay. Does that say something about your diet?

Hey Dr. Bob
I like to think that that there's a figment of my imagination that allows for a dude that has a relationship with a sock, that is, a relationship with his alter ego. THAT I get and use to full advantage.

John Cox:

What can I say? 8hxcnciufdhyAAHNXIQWHXIXQPOXJ jdxoiasjcvoivejedoi, Okay?


AOK! Funny! (◠‿◠) (FWIW, it says, "Happy Birthday" on my machine. Hope it displayed OK on yours.)

Like to surf randomly for a few minutes a day. Ran across a unicode emoticon site a while back--part of it's like a "Hallmark for Blogs". Wanted to pick out a nice one for you. Just noticed the hearts. FRUITY (sorry). Cursed "floaters"--but "I love ya, man!"

Ed B:

Hey John,

It says I really need to get a self-defrosting model...

John Cox:

Thanks. All I see is the random marks.

Thanks for the well-wishes.

Tom Wms.:

48? That means i've got almost 18 years on you? Now I feel old. Happy Birthday. Here's hoping you have many more. I may have to have a drink tonight in your honor!


Bottoms up Big Guy!


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