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Graphite Study: "David" hand


For this week's theme over at Illustration Friday, "Highlight", I chose to enter this 10" x 10" graphite study I did based on a photo I took during my visit to Florence, Italy, back in '91. Though I've seen Michelangelo's "David" my whole life through photos, seeing it live has the "highlight" of my trip.

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Took the 'tour' in '68, courtesy of Uncle Sam. My favorite was the Pieta.

John Cox:

Hey G

Then we hung around in Rome, and I saw some Bernini at the Bourghese. Knocked me out.

Dr. Bob:

Nice art, John.

Never got to Rome, but there's a bronze replica of David in a downtown park in Sioux Falls.

It was quite controversial when it went in. One letter writer to the local newspaper was concerned that it would cause moral depravity include people running around naked.

Shortly thereafter, streaking became the rage, even in Sioux Falls.

And I kid you not that the city fathers considered adding a 35 pound fig leaf to the statue, but decided against it.



Great work.

I got to spend a whole day at the Smithsonian once. The National Art Gallery + 3 other museums. It was pretty much a blur--but at the very beginning (first room to the right from the mall entrance), I think I remember a mixed collection of "Polynesian women" works--Gauguin, Rodin, etc.

Doc Al:

I've seen the David also - I think a 5 lb fig leaf would have done the job in Sioux Falls. It's cold there - can you say "shrinkage"?


"David" in 1971? I'd have thought the feminists would have cut it off first.

I wonder if the Gaugins and Rodins had fig leaves - or should that be coconut shells?

Ed B:

The "shrinkage factor" for David probably had a lot to do with his apprehension about a 10 foot giant about to slaughter him. At least that's how Italians explain "il pisello" (literal translation is "the pea").


What I found amazing was the number of women who felt compelled to have their pictures taken in front of "David". Or should I say 'off to one side'.


I saw it in September. Definitely the highlight of my Florence visit. Others in our group elected to visit the leaning tower in Pisa for about 10 minutes rather than see the real David. Suckers.


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