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and now a word from Euripides...


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Try telling that to an Obamabot.

Dr. Bob:

The lack of hair on his head and the huge amount for his beard is rather intriguing, perhaps amusing.

The background is interesting too, just can't figure out what it is - it's cloud-like or snow-like, but it appears to have muted light shadows of twigs to provide texture.

John Cox:


It was chance to basically make up a Grecian caricature.

The background is wadded up paper that was flattened out and scanned into p-shop. The rough texture was blurred a bit and the contrast was turned way down. What looks like blurry sticks are the crevices in the paper.

A little bit of experimentation.


Ditto GF again, although I was thinking more along the lines of Maherbot, Stewartbot, Colbertbot...

Still can't believe Quiptoons & Words from... aren't syndicated.

PROOF OF THIS TRUISM: My first post on the MLK day thread. Should have posted YouTube links to Oscar Peterson &/or Oliver Jones playing "Hymn to Freedom". I dig the relative sparseness of the '64 Denmark trio version, the richness of the later versions (they're all good). Break out the Bushmills, lean back, & prop up your feet.

Really like the illustration. FYI--you can get a similar background effect with some generic "paper" pics & playing around with texture FX (e.g., emboss, cracked varnish)--or start with a "foil" pic & soften/dye it.

Yo Menashe:

Ditto Terwilliger on the syndication issue.


John Cox:

Hey T

Thanks for the positive word. I, too, think these works would fit nicely in any publication.

Eventually, I'll have a collection I'll put together in book form when I finally have enough pieces to cull from. I think a book of 100 ANAWF and another book of 100 QUIPTOONS would be solid offerings.


Oh Ya, I've got two...ya two teleprompters that tell you I'm really really really wise. We also have 57 States..uh errr... uhhh! Seee!

Dr. Bob:

Hmm, if the "word from..." were syndicated, that would mean doing 5 or 6 per week for a daily piece. Lots of work.

It also would have the Doonesbury Conundrum or Paradox... where do you put it - on the Comics page with crosswords, Jumble and Cryptoquote, or the editorial page where a thought-provoking piece would fit?

Double hmm... "The Doonesbury Conundrum"... not sure if that would a geopolitical spy thriller or a country rock and roll band name.


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