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What hangs up the atheists is the first part.

Dr. Bob:

Thank goodness according to Matthew, Joseph received a visit from an Angel. That kind of helped with the "faith" thing.

The art here suggests that Mary knowing of this before Joseph may have a been bit of a joker and prankster. Maybe God was in on it too.

BTW, while not trying to be sacrilegious, Jesus birth was REAL HOPE and CHANGE - accept no substitutes.


Oh, Jesus. I hope the militant atheists don't strike. If they do, I hope they at least spare us the "Atheism is the highest form of thought" nonsense. Atheism is nothing more than a position, & assuming it does not make one any less stupid or more smarter. (◠‿◠)


Not true. According to Richard Dawkins, "If you consider the history of the universe in relation to the distance from the middle of [his] necktie to the end of [his] [outstretched] arm [& hand], human history could be swiped away with a single stroke of a nail file."

It takes a lot more faith to extrapolate 13.99999998 billion years (with absolutely no historical documentation) to a "singularity" that defies the accepted laws of science than it does to realize something that (99.999+% of historians concur is well-documented) happened less than 0.0000002 billion years ago.

John Cox:


Just playing with the concept of how Joseph must have been gobsmacked when he go the news. How do you take that? What a lesson in faith.


Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Great point, John. It's all too easy to abstract out the reality of the situation into a nice Christmas story. Jesus was technically illegitimate!

Apparently, Joseph took the news reasonably well -- he was planning to divorce Mary. Quietly, to be nice. And then cometh the angel of unplanned parenthood! In a dream, no less!

Wherefore art thou, angel, and wherefore thou goest?

John Cox:


I thought they were just engaged to be married and Joseph wanted call it off due to the whacky circumstances.



You may be right, John, but the Greek word "apoluo" that is translated "put away" is the same one that is used for "divorce".

Either he discovered before the ceremony, or he discovered after the ceremony and before the consummation. Maybe right before!

In either case, they didn't actually consummate their marriage until after Jesus was born.


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