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Leviticus Pettimore Presents...


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You know who:


Lissen up hyuh, my brothuhs an' sistuhs! This hyuh cawntry needz tuh git back own thuh STRAY----TUH an' NAR----RUH!!!

I'm hyuh tuh tell yuh... Yuh cain't run no farm fer lawng by takin' away thuh farmer's see----duh, grindin' it into flour, an' lettin' the fields go fal----luh!

You've got tuh let that thar farmer sow his seed so's he kin reap his harvest forty-eleb'm-fold! If'n they ain't no crop, they ain't no seed fer next yeer--an' the yeer after an' the yeer after an' so forth!

However, them thar heretical pro-gressives is tryin' tuh tax us within uh inch uh our lives so's they can pitch it own the falluh ground of them dumb-a__ 99 percenters!

Ahhhm hyuh tuh tell yuh... them's has done TRANSMOGRIFIED the Sanctified Church of Liberty into a socialist den of iniquity, an' the halls has done become lined with MONEY CHANGERS----SUH!!!!

Is they gone till them fields? Is they gone sow any see----duh? NOOOOOOOOOOO----WUUUUHHHH!!! They's gone pitch that thar seed at iPads an' iPhones an' Soluh Panels an' setch foolishness!!!

I tell yuh... That Ba----rack feller with all of that "fair share" an' "redistributin'" foolishness... If yuh lissen close, he just about sounds like them seed sowin' prosperity doctrine preachers, exceptin' he's gone TAKE thuh seed an' SOW it own falluh ground----uh!!!

Now Lord... I know it just ain't Christian to wish evil on another human bein'... But it would go a long ways to restorin' my faith if'n you'd send a fistful of lightnin' bolts an' give them pro----gressives a b____h slappin' the likes of which Benny Hinn ain't never dared even thunk of!!!

KIN I GIT A WIT----NES----SUH???!!!

This could have been much better, but I came up with 2 bits that I'm saving for future use.

John Cox:


Wild. Kind of Ernest Angley-Foghorn Leghorn thing. Creepy funny.


I'll throw in an "AH-MEN"!


Deacon Blues:

What is we gon' do?

While them TV preachters an' them pollytishuns got's plenty of it, they say that money's evil, they's a cover charge to get in, an' yuh cain't take it with yuh.

Welp... maybe that'd be why they's a spendin' it so fast.

If money be evil, then debt mus' be grand, right?

very well written:) My rating 5 / 5 !!!

Dr. Bob:

I couldn't quite understand this piece when I first saw it (before you know who posted).

But YKW posted, ahnd I nah seee de light!


Super piece.

Love the line "send a fistful of lightnin' bolts an' give them pro----gressives a b____h slappin' the likes of which Benny Hinn ain't never dared even thunk of".

Aayh-menn, brudder!


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