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Happy Birthday, Doc!


Doc Al has a thing for pears. Don't ask...

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So 'a pear a day' keeps Doc away? :)

John Cox:

Maybe Doc Al will chime in and tell the story.


I've had some Harry & David pears that were magnificent! Juicy capsules of sugary sweetness. Hm... maybe I have a thing for pears, too.


Oh, and Happy Birthday!

So, what's up, Doc?

Ed B:

My girlfriend back in college used to wear a T shirt with a picture of a pear on the front. Which elicited the usual comment, of course: "nice pear!".


Happy birthday, Doc. I had another one myself a couple of weeks ago (give or take).

The best pears I've eaten were an "old-fashioned" variety (very small with quite imperfect skins) from a single tree that used to be out in the sticks next to the ruins of an old, old house. I regret not grafting a few trees off of that one. Now that area is covered in neocolonial "house-castles", & they cut down the tree because it was "ugly."

However, I'd be willing to guess that Doc's fondness for "pears" has more to do with the shape (i.e., a nicely padded back seat)--& if not that, perhaps an incident involving spiked pears or some of that fancy-schmancy flavored vodka.

Dr. Bob:

Anjous, Barlett, Bosc, Asian, Comisc, French Butter or Seckels?

I think the one in the art is a Bartlett.

John Cox:


This is one happens to be a Packham.
Not pear fan, myself. Too gooshy.

John Cox:

WHOA, wait a second...

It just occurred to me the attributes of your favorite fruit is probably the same description of your PERFECT woman.

Granny Smith Apples for me: tart and crisp with a pleasing shape. Heck, they're even easily attainable.

BANGO! That fits the description of all my girlfriends.

(Just a theory...)

Doc Al:

Great picture - thanks, John. I'm going to "reflect" on it during the next year. And thanks everyone for the birthday greetings. I think "juicy capsules of sugary sweetness" says it all. I don't think I could offer a better description.

Dr. Bob:

Hey, the thread's still open - Happy Birthday, Doc Al.


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