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Haiku What?


What is a mere fence?
An invitation to pique
The odd picket peek.

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Dr. Bob:

Tall fence over which
a peek becomes a long stare
views kids should not see.

Not quite tall enough
to look over the high fence
a knot-hole needed.

The red hair and freckles draw attention, the contrast between background dark/picture-like vs. the fence being light and sketched brings a sense of conflict. And the bulging eyeballs starting at something off the drawing draws the viewer in to make his own interpretation of what's not seen. The shape of the mouth as if the subject is whistlng "Wow" adds to the engagement.

As noted in my first haiku, I think he saw something very interesting, like a "hot" woman in a swimsuit (or perhaps less) sunning herself, but I guess it really is up to the viewer - it very well could be a new Ford Mustang in the backyard.

Yeah, right.

John Cox:


Nice analysis. What you failed to notice. though, is the use of subtle narrative employed in the deep underbrush where a body is buried behind a tool shed.


L’il ginger gringo
Guards border fence doggedly
While pols “Oom-Pah-Pah”

"Oom-Pah-Pah" is used as a double reference to:

(1) Suggest the theme of the song by the same name in the musical Oliver! (a bawdy song about people screwing around--both figuratively & literally--in "the city"--which is implied as Washington, D.C. in this case)

(2) The sound of Mexican/Tejano music as a result of German influence (Tubas & trumpets & accordions--Oh My!)

If you read this Haiku with the right meter, it has the same feel as the end of a refrain in the song from Oliver.

1 2__3 &____1 2
L’il ginger gringo

__3__ 1 - 2 ___ 3 ___ 1 - 2- 3
Guards border fence doggedly

1 - 2 __ 3 __1 2___3__1 2 3__STOP
While pols “Oom-Pah-Pah”

Will it go 'round in circles?

Doc Al:

If anyone asks
I saw nothing, heard nothing
Kilroy was not here

Ed B:

Ah, to live next door
to those fabulous sisters...
Go Kardashians!

Lord, I apologize...:

toothless dog next door
add whipped cream you might feel the
glory of the hole


That's just wrong, but I bet that at least one keyboard is lost to another coffee spitake.


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