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Seasonings Greetings


I'm baaaaaaa-aack.

Went to see the folks and left the site to its own since Tuesday. I'm back at it, ready to contribute my daily dose of wackiness.

Hope your Thanksgiving was inspiring and restful. Thank you, my gentle commenters and partakers, for making this website worth doing well.

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Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving John!

Spent mine with the grandkids!

Personally, I'd be escalating by now, not with the OWS crowd; I'd be shooting the backsides of gutless politicians with rock salt.

Dr. Bob:

Dittoes re the enjoyable Thanksgiving.

I see the wit and punnery is back too.

"Geeze, didn't they teach you anything at the police academy Johnson??? When using the pepper you put your face shield down first. Darn rookies." - Sgt. Martha Stewart

So if the protester fights back it would be a salt?

Here in the north country our septic system has abruptly quit. Can't even flush the toilets.

Apparently having a crowd of 13 over for T-giving dinner and running the dishwasher 5 times in two days probably overwhelmed it.


Welcome back, John, et al! It's good to have so much to be thankful for.

By his grip on that pepper mill, you can tell that Johnson is the kind of cop who will obey orders to the letter and donk that hippy on the head with the can of pepper spray.


Dittos, dittos, dittos.

We should all be thankful that Barry hasn't installed a PLA yet... although they'd probably be aligned with the protesters in this case--& We would be among the ones the tanks were rolling over.

Tom Wms.:

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Now to the Occupy crowd: 1) In Nashville a couple of weeks ago, the occupiers were protesting a visit by Donald Rumsfeld who was in town to attend a conference on an unrelated subject. 2) I saw where the occupiers in LA are now burning money. One was shown burning a $50 bill. If they have money to burn, why can't they be productive? 3) Maybe we should institute the draft again and take all of the out-of-work occupiers who don't have a police record yet. They could use a dose of the good old military "tough love" and the guys and ladies currently serving could get a break from rotation.

Tom Wms.:

I forgot one thing: Doesn't the officer kind of look like Newt under that shield?

Dr. Bob:

I am pleased that we are now able to use the toilets again in our north country home.

We are very thankful for working plumbing and the people who fixed it.

Ah, the simple pleasures.

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