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Subtle was not a word found in Donnie's every day vocabulary. Which went a long way to explain his spotty employment record.


Suddenly, the parental control filter on Devon's computer kicked in, and he could no longer access his father's web site.

Sadly, JohnCoxArt.com had been banned for years on public access computers because certain "minority" groups (everybody except the Classically Liberal, Conservative, and Libertarian minded) were offended because a minority of one (and his small cult of minions) expressed opinions which were contrary to their dogma and therefore hurt their itty-bitty-wittle feewings...

"Daddy? Are you out there?"

...And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon...



Donnie had not developed Barry Soetoro's "finesse" with the bold truth, despite 18 years "logged" at the SEC surfing for porn on Al Gore's Internet.

Dr. Bob:

I'm pretty certain that John's site has already been banned from public computers for years. Probably about the time his first nude was featured, even if it was artfully done as John does.

Besides, how many people using a public computer would buy John's art anyway?

Alas, I'm thinking about doing a blog about the daily dysfunctions I encounter in life. Obviously many of these would be f***ups, cluster f***s and of course the good old FUBARs and SNAFUs, we have grown to love and appreciate. In that case, maybe the sign in the toon would apply?


Yeah, but leave it to Donnie to futz up "futzing around on the internet". No food for you!

For some odd reason, that reminds me of an adage from an old mug of mine: "Make it possible for programmers to write programs in English and you will discover that programmers cannot write in English."

I wonder if I could identify T's writings on other blogs?

Teetonka (◠‿◠):

Frank Armitage left Los Angeles for New York on 4 November 1988 to get away from the aliens. Life was good for him for the next two decades, as he worked his way into a respectable requisitions job with Gotham Construction.

On 4 November 2008--20 years to the day after the day he left Los Angeles, everything seemed to come to a grinding--no, a CRASHING--halt.

Within the next year, he lost his job due to the real estate Big Bust. Being too proud to accept compulsory charity, he sent his wife & children to live with her parents yet again. He found himself bouncing around from construction job to construction job in the underground labor market, sending what money he could to his family.

On the evening of 4 November 2011--there was THAT DAY again--after work he walked through The Village on his way back to the little hideaway where he was subsisting in Battery Park. As he passed through an alley that ran behind a second-hand clothing store, he stumbled across an old discarded box of what appeared to be long-outdated late-80s sunglasses.

He was struck with a feeling of déjà vu all over again. He emptied the contents of the box into his backpack, holding out one pair to eventually wear, which he slipped into his jacket pocket.

With a sense of foreboding apprehension, he veered off course & turned left at Exchange Alley with his sights set on Wall Street.

He stopped about 40 feet from the first OWS protester he saw--a middle-aged man leaning against a wall next to a sandwich board sign that read, "MY OTHER SIGN IS AQUARIUS--MAYBE THE DRUM CIRCLES R ON 2 SOMETHING."

Slowly, Frank reached into his pocket, pulled out the sunglasses, & still looking at that man, he put them on. He saw no alien--at least not there--but he could read the subliminal message on the sign. THEY WERE BACK.

Frank turned to retreat to his hideaway, where he prayed for courage like Nada's.


...now playing in all 57 states, with 1 to go (give or take 2).


Hey, T! I liked They Live. Roddy did a good job, too.

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum."

I sure I hope it works out for Frank. And a libertarianish sequel might be kind of fun. :)


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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