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Illustration Friday Entry: STRIPES


Check out the other intriguing "stripey" illustrations over at Illustration Friday.

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"Okay, so what do you want me to do next... Oh no! Paisley!"


Wanna buy some car insurance?

Tom Wms.:

Hey, John; We were in Barcelona the end of September. This looks a lot like one of Antoni Gaudi's creations. This is good.

John Cox:


That sounds like a fantastic trip. Thanks for the kind word,



I was just goofing around YouTube & came across 2 Cox & Forkum 'toons (01/09/05, "Embalm the Vote", & 11/07/06, "Poll Faults") in a 'toon montage accompanying a Ray Stevens song.

Go to YouTube & type "grandpa voted democrat by ray stevens" in the search bar. It should be the top query (3:01 duration).

Your first 'toon pops up at 0:25, the second at 0:50. Amazingly enough, this post becomes on-topic at 1:42 courtesy of the late Joel Barbee.

Oh yeah--I like this illustration, but I think I've already told you that before.

Dr. Bob:

I've seen this guy before - I never forget a face, but in his case, I'll make an exception.

John Cox:


I've posted about 1,700 pieces of art, and yeah, if I get a relevant chance to do a re-tread, I take it.

John Cox:

Thanks for the heads up. Just watched it. Not bad. The toons certainly fit, though. Selah.

This is awesome I love it :D


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