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Bloggers Gather in East Tennessee


Once a year, a hearty group of us who know Eric, go up to see him and Fiona to celebrate a few birthdays and generally entertain one another with song, refreshment and tales of whackiness. As night falls, the fire pit is lit up and more stories abound (after all, they're bloggers).

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Whoa...we collaborated on something. I'm a little verklempt here!


^^ lots of big smiley, happy faces...

An addendum to my previous comment -- hanging with you is always a blast, and a real privilege. I feel very blessed to be able to call you my friend. As we like to say here in Da Naw'teeste: You are Good Peeps.

John Cox:


Back atcha! You're photographs were inspiring. You captured the warmth of the gathering nicely.


"As night falls, the fire pit is lit up and more stories abound."

The local police arrive on schedule around 3am (after all, they're bloggers).


The fire pit ain't the only thing that gets lit up.

It was - as Erica says - a blast. Enjoyed your company, as always, even if I did have to endure a few games of Pocket Billiards with you! ;-)


Makes me want to start a blog! :)

John Cox:


It was no walk in the kugel. You're pretty sharp yourself.

Enjoy your company immensely.


Hey John!

You guys work this right and I can foresee a "TV reality show". I hear the gig pays well!

And it would be a big improvement over some of what currently passes for "entertainment".

John Cox:


Oddly enough, the meet was thrust onto the net as a live feed for those who couldn't make...it's true!

Word is that it worked nicely. If you know the people involved, I'm sure it can be a big improvement over hearing about it at each blog.


If Erica brought pastrami, I'm jealous.

Love the smooshing of the Erica/John Cox artistry. Always great to hang with you John Boy.

Oh very cool - but then of course you and E both create great art. :-) Such a fantastic time! And many thanks for making the drive up seem like a mere blink of the eye.

@Terwiliger -- I did not schlep any Katz's pastrami to Tennessee as it, sadly, does not travel as well as a putrid hunk of Taylor ham.

Dr. Bob:

So where in East Tennessee was this?

John Cox:


Likewise! Entertaining conversation makes the miles slip by in a neat way.

John Cox:


In the vicinity of the North Carolina border nearish Ashville. Etowa to be precise. BEEEEYOOOTY-FUL hill country.

Dr. Bob:

Wife was in Asheville last weekend - she said the same thing about the area. That's the first time she mentioned a winter retirement home in a positive light. Hmm.

I was cruising the map a few days ago and was wondering. Saw a lot of places in NC and SC that were familiar due to NASCAR shops, old sponsors e.g. Freddie Lorenzen's sponsor LaFayette Ford.


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