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Campaign Poster Illustration Idea


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I like it!


I like Herman Cain. Have listened to him some on Atlanta Radio 'cause I'm there a lot. He's a pretty sharp guy!

Dr. Bob:

Two thumbs up

Tom Wms.:

Great "poster". I like Herman Cain, but am holding all judgement to see how things filter out in the next couple of months.


That is awesome. I think he'd like that, too. He seems to have a good sense of humor.


I want a "Cain is Able" bumper sticker.


I've developed such a strong dislike for most of the other candidates it's Cain by default.

I do not like Mitt. He strikes me as arrogant, smarmy, & disingenuous. I see his "charm" as a put-on, a learned "personality" trait he developed as an "Ivy" insider. Worse, he's waltzing the line between "moderate" & Rockefeller Republican (as is Perry, who was a Dem until after backing Algor in 1988).

Barring a late entrant, IMHO the Republican bench is not very deep.

Tom Wms.:

Mauser: Now that's funny.

Hey, T: I like the way you put it. I'm kind of where you are. But I still want to let it filter through before buying the window stickers. I still have a "Fred" sticker on my car window.


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