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Assad Caricature Used in Rally!


It has happened again. My caricature of Assad that I did on October 17, 2005 (see that post on the old Cox and Forkum site found in the archives) has popped up in a recently gathering of angry anti-government citizens.

First it was Khameini and Ahmadinejad (June 20, 2009). Then it was Gadaffi (February 24, 2011). Now Assad. I'm waiting on my Kim caricature to make it sometime.

A large hat-tip to Robert Tracinski, editor of The Intellectual Activist, for bringing this to my attention.


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Keep it up John and pretty soon you will have your own dictators "Deck of Cards".
Who would you make the Ace of Spades?

Proud owner of the Khameini/
Ahmadinejad originals!


Congrats on the free publicity.

Maybe little too free...

Doc Al:

Think of all the potentially famous (and infamous) people whose caricatures you drew at Trackside this past weekend! Not to mention maybe an infidel or two!

John Cox:


Maybe the drawings CAUSE civil upheaval?

And if that's the case, Trackside might be ground zero for a coup of cosmic proportions.


A diverse body of Middle Easterners read John Cox Art.

Now that's what I call HOPE.

Dr. Bob:

John -


While we're talking about pictures used to protest tyrants and thugs, it's only a matter of time before one of your Obama caricatures hits the big time. hehehe

Regime change - January 20, 2013!



Thanks for mentioning Barry. Reminded me of something I heard during an NFL broadcast Sunday. Some Wonder Bread white announcer used the word "trickeration" in his "color" commentary. In an exaggerated nasal tone, someone said, "Trickeration? Fer shizzle." Laughter erupted.

Don't ask me where inspiration comes from, but I immediately thought of the SNL skit where Algor & Jorge were asked to sum up their positions in one word. Algor said "Lockbox." Jorge said "Strategery."

Here's my suggestion for Barry:



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