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The World Is Watching


Bashar Assad is taking advantage of the lack of intervention that seems to stultify the West: lots of righteous finger pointing, no moral initiative.

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Dr. Bob:

Wonder how long it will take for the dissidents in Syria to use this drawing?

Very good piece, John.

Don't hold your breath for the UN to do anything other than to pass a resolution condemning him. And Shrillary merely wagging her finger at him doesn't inspire confidence either.

How about a doing another sketch of Assad with a pistol pointed in his mouth, some smoke to imply it was fired and blood blowing out his big ears. The arm holding the pistol is labeled "justice".

Viva la resistance!

I see how you captured his neck in the first drawing - perfect for hanging don't you think?


So where is the world's MORAL OUTRAGE!

Are they looking for SOME NATION to LEAD?

Well keep looking you SOB's. "The World's Policeman" is busy and on vacation.

Besides, he prefers to 'lead from behind'. Safer that way.

John Cox:


Thanks for the encouraging word. I like to think Assad's caricature WOULD look lovely displayed by Syrian survivors outside his prison cell.


Ditto to DR. BOB & GF.

"Le petit d'homme" (the man-cub) has no interest in world leadership. He's "working" [subversively in plain sight] to put the U.S. in its "rightful place" [a big thanks to the Left-stream main & the Obama myrmidons for not only allowing this travesty to happen, but to cheer while it's going on].

In essence, he's a Pied Piper "leading" us down a rat hole--which in turn will leave a leadership vacuum.

I'm not suggesting for a moment that America is perfect... but get on your knees & pray that whoever takes our place is as benevolent to the world as the United States was in the 20th Century.


The UN is saying nothing because there's no way to blame it on Israel.

Ed B:

Shouldn't there be a flotilla or something on the way to Syria by now?


Smacked it right on John! Not going to try to add much to my cohorts here 'cause they nailed it as usual!


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