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Doc Al:

In a strange way, I'm looking forward to becoming a child again (except for that whole diaper thing).



And next week I'm going to spend another weekend with the 2 grandkids!

Neener Neener! Neener!


Guys never ever lose that. We just hide it until we can unleash it again! I actually think most women do understand this and use it against us, when convenient! But the basic question of the universe is still: "What drives them"? OK ladies, you can now shoot me!



Dr. Bob:

I have a box of Legos, some bubble soap, a hot wheels car, a nerf football, a referee's whistle, a pair of table-tennis paddles w/ ball and a Tigger plush toy in my cubicle at work.

Some of us never did grow up and why start now?

Ed B:

Hey Dr. Bob,

I really like your toys - lotsa fun and cheap to boot. Before I get to my second childhood I'm hoping that I can avoid the "expensive man-toys" phase that some go through. Like a Corvette and a mistress. Lord give me strength.


In some respects I've never left childhood. In others I was an old man long before puberty.

Corvette? I'll never buy another car manufactured by Правительство автомобильного бизнесом.

Mistress? As Frank Barone once said, "If you're having trouble with your woman, don't get another one, because then you just have twice the problems."

I have other toys, but the way things are going, I can't afford to play with them (no money for greens fees, ammo, or even guitar strings).

Thank goodness for libraries (& come to think of it, I do have a bunch of old Legos in the basement--from back before they came in a "kit" that you could only make one thing with).

Ed B:

Legos it is, T. Let's set up a play date.

One sure bit of evidence for this phenomena are Toy Airplanes. Oh sure, the stores that sell them dress them up as being a "sport" (anybody ever been to a professional miniature airplane stadium?)

But they are still Toy Planes. And I have 17 of them (tee hee!)

Oh, and I have some Legos, too...


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