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and now a word from Mrs. Fromple...


I'd love to find a few of my elementary school teachers and laugh in their collective self-righteous, soul-dead faces.

Issues? Naaaaaaahh.....

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In all seriousness, makes you wonder how many dreams got killed by "well intentioned teachers".

John Cox:


I know I had a few inspiring teachers in my elementary school days, but boy, do I REMEMBER the crushers!

Ed B:

From now on when I mentally put a face to the soul-crushing, do-gooder, know-it-all "Nanny State", it will be that of Mrs. Fromple.

Your pic rings me a bell :( and I love the idea of laughing at them all.

Dr. Bob:

Oddly enough, my son was married on Saturday, and in an odd twist of fate or the effects of living in a very small town, he was able to dance with his second grade teacher at the reception.

She had taught my son and one of the groomsmen and her son was another groomsmen.

Hat's off to Heidi. She was one who made a difference.

As for the dream-killers and soul-destroyers, in my memory they are dead and shall remain so, although since my 40th high school reunion is in a few weeks, they may arise like zombies, only to be killed again.


"She was one who made a difference."

Mrs. Brisindine (RIP). Kindergarten teacher for both my kids. Started them out right.

There were several others through the years, but she set the tone. The kids WANTED to go to school.


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