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and now a word from Henry Adams...


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Dr. Bob:

I confess that I had no idea who Henry Adams was.

But after reading he had proposed a "theory of history" based upon the Second Law of Thermodynamic and the principle of entropy, I think I could hoist a toast in his memory.

Although in recent times, it appears that the application of energy into history through the conduit of politics has caused more disorder and entropy, not less.

John Cox:

Hey Dr. Bob

That's the most interesting part of "And Now a Word From....": it might pique an interest in the source of the quote. Good on ya.

... and ain't that the truth!


This message (the originality of this message is in French) is sending respectfully and personally, to the best attention of John Cox :

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For the most part, no politician ever lost his/her position by over-estimating the intelligence of their constituency.


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