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Say What?


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In order to not look so inharmonious, we should come up some solutions to restore our original appearance.


"I'm a consultant who leads people astray, & my dominion is Swamp Potomacus. It isn't as glamorous as your gig, but I can throw my fiduciary responsibility to the wind & still pull in an obscene pension & benefits."

This is a tough one. It's hard to come up with a pithy quip that doesn't require laying down a lot of background. Did you come up with this on your own, or did you get the idea for this from Donna Barr's stuff? I think just about any comment will take away from the artwork, but I'll give it a shot (or two).

T again:

"They give me all the brandy & ginger ale I can drink, & they sell my whiz as Budweiser. I just wish they'd quit putting hops in the sweet feed."

John Cox:


I'm not aware of Donna Barr. I go check it out.

The ideas tend to be little oddities that arise during other projects. I'll jot it down real quick knowing I'll get to it later. It's rare that a punchline comes natural out of these. I tend to go for the visuals where a punchlline is rather sticky. I find the results more interesting.

Kalashnikat in Colorado:

"Yeah, at least they don't call you "half assed" to your face!"


"I'm not an ass, you're the ass!"


Why the long face?



Look for a comic series called "Bosom Enemies." My brother is more than a decade older than I am, & I saw 1 or 2 of those that belonged to a friend of his when I was a little kid (in the early 70s--I think they were done in the 60s).

There's also a creature in Philippine lore that looks like the "reverse centaur" (it's origin is very dark, & it's now associated with the occult). I had a pointed comment using that character as a basis, but it would have gone too far beyond civility (& the reference being so obscure, not worth it).


DOH!!! That first "it's" should have been "its."

can i think this picture try to tell us that we should think the problem and some thing from a different angle? but i know everyone has their unique understanding of this picture. expect to learn.

Dr. Bob:

That first spam message from MBT Habari Birch actually fits the cartoon pretty well except that it isn't funny.

Must be a joy of juxtaposition sort of thing.


Wadda ya mean "image change"? I didn't get any memo about an "image change". #$^%& REID!


"If Zeus ever throws a party that calls for a two-man sophist, you can be the head. Until then, either suck it up or we can just stay home."


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