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Say What?


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This was just weird at first. I ignored Batman's chin, and I saw a face where the line of his nose was the mouth, and his open mouth was his neck, and then, WTF at the bottom of his neck before I realized my mistake.

(Just put your hand up to cover his mouth and you'll see what I mean.)

Doc Al:

"This ain't 'Brokeback Jungle', and, no, I won't play Jane!"


I'll raise "Boy" as if he were my own. I'll dress him in a leather outfit and he can accompany me on my daily crime fighting, meeting all sorts of interesting people. Face it, it would be a better life than living here.


B preciates the offer, T, but B aint touchin another man's vine. B dont swing that way. Oh, you mean an actual vine? Um, ok. But what's the tensile strength? I know my bat-corset makes me look slim but I'm pushin 250.

Tom Wms.:

I just can't get a good grip with these gloves.

John Cox:

"Sorry, vine boy. Jane digs the car."

Doc Al:

"I think if you and I create an alliance, we got this Survivor thing wrapped up."


"So, those are the benefits and salary. If you don't take the position I'm going to have to give it to some kid."


"Kipling says that Burroughs wrote you just to see how bad a book he could write & get away with it. Did Burroughs write the Porkulus Bill?"


"Yesterday I was in Gotham trying to crack down on sleeper cells. Today I find myself in Gabon appointed as Diplomatic Liaison with the Mangani. Could you help me come up with a word for Muslim Terrorist that won't offend the nonsensibilities of the Obama administration?"


"BAT-NO. I will NOT use a Bat Vine. Al Gore can kiss my Bat A__."

Ed B:

...and then the Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away. Now can you please give me a lift?

John Cox:

I got the reference it struck me as hilarious. NICE!

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This is not my first time here, and again you know what you're doing, keep it.

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