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and now a word from Omar Bradley...


Have a thankful Memorial Day, y'all.

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To Absent Friends!


Thankful! That's the adjective I was looking for. "Happy Memorial Day" just doesn't sound quite right.

Cheers, G.


Great quote.
But why does Omar look so much like Fred Gwynne?

John Cox:

If Bradley was as popular as Herman Munster, you'd be asking the inverse of your question.

I studied his photos on Google and worked it out from there.


I guess everybody has a twin.

Dr. Bob:

It was a good thing Gen. Bradley was on our side.

As usual when I see quotes like this I do a quick search to learn more.

Oddly enough, Bradley was the general who had to fight in Korea with limited and outdated equipment because President Truman de-armed and cut back the military, especially the army, after WWII.

And John's picture is spot on - he was a four star general until promoted to to General of the Army, which earned him his fifth star.

Other five-star generals were: George C Marshall, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower, and Henry "Hap" Arnold.

There were so few because the "General of the Army" was reestablished in 1944 and was to wear five stars.

Oddly enough, General Pershing was entitled to wear the 5 stars, he never did.

I'd have to say Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Arnold and Bradley were damn fine leaders.


Belated thanks...

...& God comfort the families & friends of the fallen.

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