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Reign Must Fall


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He's gonna be pissed when he finds out those '72 virgins' are all male.



Yeah--that--& they're also wild boar.

Not to pick nits, but shouldn't that be a French flag on the missile?

Mister we could use a man like Stormin' Norman again...
Didn't need no welfare state...
Everybody pulled his weight...
Gee, our old Humvee ran great...
Those were the days...

John Cox:


Well.....The USS Barry launched a few Tomahawks...

Doc Al:

"U Can't Touch This"


Barry is beginning to act more and more like Billy Clinton every day.

Ed B:

Hey Doc,

It's Hammer time.

Ed B:

Hey Doc,

It's Hammer time.

Doc Al:

Looks like the "hammer" is about to fall on Moammar!



Being without a TV, I wasn't aware that Barry had taken enough time away from his fantasy B-Ball pool long enough to re-change his mind on the position he hadn't considered yet.


I'm really having trouble with BO here! (Hiding behind the UN et al.) We want to support the "Rebels", for what ever they are, but we're not for "Taking out 'ol Moammar!" OK Berry, which is it? You can't have one without the other. You have to take sides, so do something! Mr. apology in action. Get Moammar's ass and bring him here for trial for the Pan Am bombing. Pansy Ass!


When did Congress authorize the use of military force against Libya? When are the whiny Libs going to start crying about Obama's abuse of power? Unlike Bush 43's poorly executed wars, Congress at least abdicated all responsibility to the President. Obama acted on his own without bothering to seek Congressional approval. Where are the hoards of crying Libs now? Just wondering.

HEY LIBS: Wanna impeach Obama?


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