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Say What?


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"So, Mr. Cthulhu, is it? How'd your first day in collections go?"


"I see you've been to that 'Catch Your Own Sushi' bar."


"I can't say I'm all that crazy about 'Bring Your Pet to Work' Day."

Ed B:

Lose the tie, it doesn't work.

Tom Wms.:

Joe, and ink salesman for Cross Pens just isn't himself until he has had his first cup of coffee in the mornings.

Darling, I doubt wearing Paul over your head will help you predict the future.


Same old, same old. And you?

(Sue from Marketing never admits to being one-upped.)

So I hear that new interactive aquarium exhibit is really exciting.


"So... what's been eating you, Ted?"


So how's that new "recycled" coffee the company is trying out?

Tom Wms.:

You knowwww, I've heard about people being a bit crabby before they've had their first cup, but you've taken it to a whole new level. By the way, keep those tentacle to your self, bub!


Now you know what 'that time of the month' feels like.

Ed B:

Call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for that new look of yours...


"I see you tried out the new sushi bar with the near-sighted chef. Just be thankful you went with the tako. I hear his fugu is to die for... Literally."


Halloween? Already?

Dr. Bob:

John - I don't know where you dig up these weird ideas for toons.

John Cox:

Hey Dr. Bob

While I'm deciding on an open-ended visual for 'Say What", I try to balance an eye-catching, surreal situaltion with a legitimate opportunity to fill in a punchline that doesn't seem obvious. I make them come out of left field to challenge you guys. It so happens, I'm bent in a dry humor, slightly psychotic kind of way; the odd visuals are no problem. It's mostly a challenge to keep the drawings within the bounds of acceptable humor. This stuff is just the tip of the roiling heap that tumbles through this brain pan.


"I see Octopussy got the better of you, 0014."


"keep the drawings within the bounds of acceptable humor"

Pray tell, Sir John, what inducement may we offer that would have you lift this restraint?

John Cox:


Let's say if my sense of humor is slightly inhibited, it just makes the whackier stuff that leaks out that much more surprising.

Bizarre work ALL the time gets stale, eh?

Dr. Bob:

No, I won't go on another date with you, Phil. Keep your tentacles to yourself - I'm just not that kind of girl!


You and the wife do Catalina this weekend, Bob?

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