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Say What?


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I think they're thirsty.

Dr. Bob:

Think Mom and Dad would let us keep them?

You could take that line and have the smaller camel-like alien say the same thing.

John Cox:

"It's like, they say they'll leave if you give up your fries."


His says his Mom said "No, you can't keep them, the neighbors will start talking."

Ed B:

Dreadlocks and a soul patch!? Why doesn't he just wear a sign that says "hipster wannabe"?


"See? Mom said this would happen if you don't clean your room."

Doc Al:

Do you think he'd be upset if I asked him to sing "No Woman, No Cry"?

Dad, the rasta-dyno-goat spitted in your drink.


Pssst! I wouldn't drink that if I were you. These two used to be Raphie and Eddie!


"PLEASE just turn around, sit down, look straight ahead, watch the movie, & keep your mouth shut."


"The Williams sisters have certainly let themselves go."

Ed B:

Coffee. Through my nose. On to the keyboard. Thanks, T.



Glad to oblige. (I know I whiff more often than I nail one, but isn't the point to be funny?)

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