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Ed B:

Did Woody say that before or after two-timing Mia with his step-daughter?

John Cox:


That was the subtext. It's interesting to me to reveal the irony, of not only the visual (which seems to be literal), but the quote vs. quote source. If you've heard the tales of Allen's private life, then the quote offers a creepy undertone.


Interesting follow-up to a "...Word From..."--the subject of which authored a love poem (Annabel Lee) to the woman he took as his wife (who also happened to be his 13-year-old cousin at the time of their nuptials)...

...& those snotty northerners have the nerve to stereotype southerners as in-breeders.

John Cox:


Coincidental and cool.

Ed B:

Meanwhile, that burger looks delicious!

Martin Lundqvist:

Sometimes, muscles will only get you that far.

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