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I guess it's better to be deluded than to be sizzling in somebody's skillet next to runny eggs.


In other "News of the Weird" today, Barry Obama admitted that Porkulus saved/created no jobs, but did pay off numerous campaign supporters.


Ya GF:
When Pigs Fly partner.


John, GF, & Cowboy--that sounds like an excellent premise for a hilarious political cartoon. Very, very funny, guys.

Frame #1:

A cable "news screen" with John's porker atop the Washington Monument, GF's comment in a talk bubble as the anchor's narrative statement. The ticker at the bottom reads, "BREAKING NEWS... Pigs fly."

Frame #2:

There's an "emergency team" surrounding a crater & peering in at the base of the monument. The anchor's narrative comment is, "Ewwww... I bet the black box didn't even make it"--& the ticker reads, "Uh... never mind."


Frame #3

Obama shown taking empty Stinger missile tube from his shoulder saying "Got 'em!".

John Cox:

HEY T and the Gang

Cool, fellas. Sometimes the subtexts on these Kirkwoods get a bit thicker than I anticipated. I was going for a "Charlotte's Web" satire.


John Cox "Kirkwood" cartoons are like a box of chocolates.......

Ed B:

Wilbur's attempt at flying didn't amount to much, but he did put the fear of God into the barnyard's criminal element.


Got the Charlotte's Web reference, but got to go with the flow (or) against the wind in this case.

Barry launches his new leaner meaner budget, but can't get it off the ground....stating "Cant Pig's Fly Anymore?"


A new hood ornament was unveiled today for the Chevy Volt.

Some pig.
Some terrific, radiant, humble pig.


So does this mean that Nancy Pelosi is Charlotte?



I got the reference, too--but I'm not one to pass up a good tangent--especially one THAT good. GF & COWBOY started it off so well.


Not hardly. Charlotte was intelligent.

Cant get enough of this blog. Your opinion and facts truly let people know what its all about.


How's this for opinion and facts, troll?

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Love the blog here. Nice colors. I am definitely staying tuned to this one. Hope to see more.

Amazing freakin blog here. I almost cried while reading it!

Man if i ever saw two racoons fighting over a blogs itd be this one, nicely done my friend. Keep it up.

Neat blog layout! Very easy on the eyes.. i like the colors you picked out

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