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Beer Label Illustration Idea


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"No, it won't help you 'grow' a sword, but you will stand out!"


This would look really cool on one of those heavy-walled brushed aluminum "can bottles" that look kind of like nitrous canisters (there was also a banana liqueur that used to come in an aluminum bottle--don't know the brand, but a former neighbor used to drink it--this logo would look awesome on that bottle).

John Cox:

Hey T

I bet you're right. That label has this string industrial vibe that an aluminium can could maintain. Thanks for the kind word.

Its hard for me to find useful blogs nowdays but when i saw this i knew i was in the right place, I finally have time to clean up the house.lol Your a lifesaver.

This blog was unbelievably helpful. Your the man. lol :)

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