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and now a word from Edgar Allen Poe...


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Ravens will do it ever time!


Cripes! There's big ass black bird on my porch squawking some shit! Can't make it out. If I'm not here tomorrow...You'll know! gives me the creeps!

John Cox:

It might shock you guys to know that Poe authored MANY MANY works that had NOTHING to to do with ravens.

I'm just saying...


I know. I'm reminded of that every time I hear that damned heartbeat underneath the floor boards!


Anyone got some spackle? Got some cracks showing in the wall again.

Ed B:

This sucks. I'm going to hole up somewhere and enjoy a glass of sherry - maybe a nice Amontillado.



What's the background image? Is that something of your own concoction?

Looks like Dante's take on the Sistine Chapel.

John Cox:


I was a bit challenged on choosing an appropriate background that WASN'T RAVENESQUE (avian?), so I thought of one of the crazier romantic painters, Heironymus Bosch. It worked for me. No painter, except Bacon, does that disturbed dystopia like Bosch.

Way to respond by alluding to other Poe works. I get some of the most literate commenters here.

You all get a Gold Bug.

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