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Dr. Bob:

Ah, the return of the three-pronged blivet.

Unfortunately unlike the drawing, with Obamanomics the spending and taxes are REAL, and the recovery is IMAGINARY.

I wish the reverse was true - the taxes and spending are imaginary and the recovery is real.

John Cox:


I happen to think that the U.S, budget debt is so unreal that each "prong" illustrates our current state of instability.


Hmmm.....so WE CAN spend our way to recovery! After seeing the illustration, it now makes sense!

Bryan S.:

Technically, thats been the spending pattern for the last 50 years, not just Obama.


That recovery prong looks like Obama's middle finger shooting a bird and saying F you to the American people.


It also resembles Jerry Brown's budget plan. Only its been reversed and you have to look at it using a mirror.



I'm impressed. You're the first person to give us a glimpse inside a black hole (no pun intended).


That's been the spending pattern for close to 80 years. It grew logarithmically for about 40 years, reached critical mass in the Democrat Congresses under Reagan, went viral under the Congresses (both Republican & Democrat) over which Bush 43 presided, & it's gotten exponentially worse since Obama & the Democrat Leviathan took office.

I'm ready for some "change I can live with," but I'm not optimistic.

Actually, it's the graphic equivalent of the Underpants Gnomes' theory:

1. Print money, raise taxes.

2. ???

3. Recovery!

Ed B:

Is anyone here old enough to remember the Mad Magazine poiuyt?

John Cox:

Hey Ed

I looked "poiuyt" up and saw this image was used by Mad Magazine so many years ago. NEAT.


One of little Barry's favorite childhood toys was an Eschersketch. The Eschersketch was manufactured by Mainway toys, & it was touted as an excellent device for developing cognitive distortion skills. Little Barry's mother encouraged him to spend countless hours with it--& somehow, he managed to do just that.

Ed B:

Hey T,

"Eschersketch" - love it!

Man if i ever saw two racoons fighting over a blogs itd be this one, nicely done my friend. Keep it up.

Whats hattnin, yeuh dis blog right heur is ill, big ups PAAAATNAAAA.


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