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Haiku What?


Ever gaining height
Gravity is but a myth
Wooed by a whirwind.


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Doc Al:

Black suit - fifty bucks
Credit Card kite - five fifty
Leaving Earth - priceless

Ed B:

Soaring on a wing
is such a stupid old thing.
Plastic kite rulez, dude!


Aloft on my debt
Spelunking the clouds of dreams
Borne on plastic wings

john cox:

Doc, that was quite stylish. Who knew those old credit card commercials were unrevealed Japanese poetry?

Doc Al:

Madison Avenue Haiku!

Steve M:

Cool little image
I got no haiku for you
scooby dooby doo

john cox:


You don't have to get beligerent about it. It's just poetry, man.


IMHO, you and snowdog are tied for lyricism, but Doc's is totally awesome for applying MC's slogan to AmEx. There's something deeply satisfying about the natural foiling of advertiser's arbitrary brand associations. :)


Daughter married Oct 3
All dreams fulfilled
Plastic in meltdown

Dr. Bob:

Card or check kiting
Funds stolen by sharks and thieves
Paper or plastic?


East meets West: A Haiku Quatrain

Live above your means
spend more than you can afford
then tax me to pay.

Live within my means
do not borrow, do not lend
struggling each day.

It's legalized theft
make me pay for your excess
I get screwed two times.

When I get fed up
do not be surprised at all
when I come for mine.


I like DOC AL's for the reason KEVIN[0] stated.

I like DR. BOB's, too. A variation:

Fiat currency
Flying high on borrowed time
When wind stops we're screwed

john cox:


Dig the energy! Good stuff.



I'm glad you liked them. Most of the time this stuff just comes to me out of the blue without a lot of effort.


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