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Just Say No



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Sometimes it takes more than a simple "No!" to make your point. It's not that you're sadistic, it's that your opponent is that stupid.

Dr. Bob:

I love your Uncle Sam, John.

Garand Fan -

Ok, let's make it a "Hell no!"

john cox:


I appeciate that. When Allen and I were working together, we decided very early on we wanted a dynamic icon that seems vital and purposeful.


I agree with Dr. Bob. If you took off Sam's beard and added a handlebar mustache, You'd have Uncle Hulk. (Hogan)

I have also noticed that all your strong Authority Figures have an under-bite. US Soldiers, Uncle Sam, ATF agents, etc. Is it an under-bite or just a jaw sharpened by resolve?

john cox:


I always thought of that trait as a "jutting chin"; a classic look that suggests a certain belligerence and steadfastness.


I like your updated Uncle Sam as well, but this one seems a little different. It took me a few days to figure out what "felt different", but in this illustration he's thicker, his forearms are bigger--& when you mentioned "jutting chin" it hit me; I see elements of both Hellboy &, to a lesser extent, Popeye.

Tom Wms.:

I imagine Uncle Sam saying, "Back up the bus, sparky. Your law doesn't cut it here!"


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