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Doodle What?


How about a little visual brain teasing? Can you come up with the imaginative (yet accurate) answer that describes each image? Go beyond the obvious!! Don't be afraid to come up with a goofy solution

And of course, there might be more than one "correct" answer if you're particularly creative. I'll give my intended answers later on Monday. Have fun!

SEPT 13...NEW NOTE: You can find my intended solutions at the 13th comment on the thread under my name.


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Whew.....Right over the top of everybody's head. Let me think about this.

Is there free psychological analysis involved with our answers?


A: Four people riding two tandem Bikes viewed from above.
B: Magnet stuck to a flag pole.
C: Pirates stealing the Kaaba and holding it for ransom. Who knew it would float?

john cox:


All results will be sent to a local chapter of the National Armchair Shrinks Association.


You got the spirit of it. I'll post "the answers" later on here in this thread sometime Monday afternoon.

You can always come up with more, eh?

Mr Michael:

Image A: Close up view of a dandelion stem, with spit bugs.

Image B: Paperclip through a slit in the paper.

Image C: A small ship smoking a large pipe.

Welcome to my world, Doc... ;)

Dr. Bob:

a cat climbing a tree as seen from the bottom of his paws.

a trombonist hiding around a corner such that all you can see in the last foot or so of his instrument's slide

a ship pulling a submarine with a cable attached to its conning tower (or vice versa)

A: Two Anacondas in a pie eating contest.

B: The impossible result that exposed Jimmy "Stick Em Up" Stickenattelli's treachery at the 1979 World Horseshoe Championships.

C: Doctor Who tows a cruise ship.

Mr. Michael:

Take Two:

A: Mating dance of the bifocals

B: Extremely thin, and rude, frog stuck on it's side.

C: Newfangled buoyant extension cord end tethered to the distant socket by a safety string in a flood.


A: The only remnants of Dilbert & Dogbert after being run over by a steam roller

B: The sign over the entrance to the Illiterates' Club

C: A yeoman wearing a top hat who now really wishes he didn't copy that a__hole flight attendant


Let's see:

1) Being strung along by an administration
2) Nailing down economic opportunity with narrow loopholes for chosen groups
3) Thus dragging down the speed of recovery.


A. The Nacaza lines of Peru.
B. What a (flat bellied) guy see's when he pees.
C. "We're 'gonna need a bigger boat!"


Great idea, John! I love everyone's answers.

A. Mushrooms on a tree? Or a beaded necklace that broke... the beads are going to fall any minute... wait for it...

B. A chainsaw is cutting through the wall from the outside. 0.5 deaths a decade are due to this terrible tragedy that will continue until they finally put warnings on all chainsaws not to cut through walls with other people leaning on them.

C. A whale with a black square tail is pushing a dual steam boat to its lair. Don't worry, it's a friendly whale and just wants some company for dinner.

My opinion of who's right for each: (A) Dr. Bob, (B) Cowboy, (C) Mr Michael. :)


Of course, G should get major points for numbering them and revealing the political symbolism that now seems obvious.

john cox:



A...a bear climbing a tree

B...a trombone player in a phone booth.

C...a boat towing Abraham Lincoln.

Thanks for playing along! I enjoyed the whacky, insightful AND REVEALING answers y'all came up with.

Just to be clear, these drawings are called "droodles" and were very popular in the 50's and 60's. It seems there's a bit of history of these images in Estonia, of all places.

Google up this subject and you'll see there's a bunch of 'em.


Well, collectively, we got pretty close.

Dr. Bob was very close on the first 2, Dr. Bob & Terry_Jim got the ship towing something, & I got the top hat.

I'd have been pretty close to Dr. Bob if he hadn't gotten there first. In that case I would have said:

(a) Mr. Bill climbing a flagpole


(b) A trombonist in an outhouse (reminds me of my favorite "Far Side"--it was of a kid practicing tuba behind an outhouse with a puzzled crowd looking on from the other side).


So Lincoln was into water skiing? Who knew?


I thought it was that Frank Zappa album, Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Lincoln.

Doc Al:

Daddy, what's a phone booth?


Have to laugh at that one! Was in Arizona visiting the grandkids last weekend. Went to a theme park and they had an old, red Brit phone booth on display. Was trying to explain to #1 grandson what it was for. First had to get past the concept "Why didn't they just use their cell phone." Then moved on to "They had to PAY to use it?" Which naturally led to "Who answers the phone when it rings?"


"They had to PAY to use it?"

Sounds like that would have been a golden opportunity to teach your grandkids an economics lesson on how companies (& governments) disassociate costs from payments to suck you in... as well as the 97 different ways cell phone companies can (& will) screw you.

Little Barry, just because we don't actually see the money changing hands doesn't mean it isn't costing us.


I thought we should tie it all together:
a. Mary and Suzie lost their bikini tops while sunning themselves on the foredeck.
b. All the guys were stepping on their tongues
c. So the cruise ship had to return to dock.


Grumpus wins!

Let's see! What's behind sketch #3! It's a new car! Applause. A new Govment Motors Volt! Applause, get's 75 mpg for the first 10 miles and 25 mpg for the next 75, then it's so light you just dodge traffic to see if you get home alive, and with some power left. Got a plug in to get some of that hydroelectric or coal power to charge it up?

Truthfully, those answers are by far the best, including John's explanation, and you should win something...so your prize is actually a Brand New Ford F150 with a club cab and dual headers. Contact John for details!

Congratulations Grumpus!

john cox:


Win? A prize? What? Ya know, not EVERYTHING is rewarded with some cheap, sparkly token. Maybe just the deep, satifying sense of communal participation will do?

Ain't nobody throwing trinkets of appreciation at ME.


Yeah, but we do give BIG hugs from time to time. :)

Mr Michael:

IN all fairness you've gotta admit... it's kinda tough to throw an F-150 pickup.

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