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New Project


This is the illustration I submitted to Steve Butterbaugh's PRINCIPLEX objectivist site. Please read what he has to write about the Obama mystique.


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Actually, he's President Camellion. He will be what ever you want him to be, when it's convenient for him.
Also known as 'an empty suit'. He has no thought, but for himself. He has no consideration for anyone, but himself. He is The One.


Chameleon? No. Unvetted Svengali.

Tom Wms.:

What every golfer wants: A hole in ONE.

Great toon! And thanks for the link, John. I started reading and "couldn't put it down".



It is all about him, not the country, or us. It's about unions, especially government unions, contributors, and getting me re-elected. But his blind side is going to smack him down hard. What I refer to as: You pooped in your own lunch pale and now it's noon!


I should have said duplicitous unvetted Svengali. While he's committed to his "progressive" (i.e., radical regressive) "vision" (i.e., dogma), he has no qualms with fudging on "procedural principles" (e.g., "transparency", "morality", "honesty", "open debates", "fiscal responsibility", "inclusiveness", ad infinitum) to achieve his closely-held goals (e.g., "fundamental transformation", "redistributive change", "social justice", etc.).

I think this is what GF was implying by "chameleon".

I also think COWBOY is right in that it's about HIM (or at least what he feels absolutely certain to be true--in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary).

The PRINCIPLEX bit made me think of a lot of things, but it turned into a screed (which I nixed).


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