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Graphic Novel Cover Illustration Idea...



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This ain't proper stuff for public intercourse. It's irreverecal--dare I say even blasphematic--to conversate on such pizmotality. The epismetology of such things should be kept in theologifical circles.


Makes me think of the "reality" sunglasses in "They Live".


I can't tell if this is a church, a bar or both.

Let's go with both. It offers the most possibilities.


Sorta reminds me of Flip Wilson's "Church of the What's Happening Now!"

Can I get an 'amen' out there?


Amen Shuga!

Dr. Bob:

Geeze, I never realized that "transmogrified" is a real word dating back to 1650, meaning "to change in appearance or form, esp. strangely or grotesquely; transform."



Not to pick nits, but that's the definition of "transmogrify." "Transmogrified" is the past tense, past participle (gotta love Google). ( :

GF (& everybody else)

Do you remember the Reverend Billy Rock? I can't remember what show "he" was on (I only found 2 references to this skit on the "Interwebs", & they didn't remember what show it was on). "He" was on a prime time skit show in either the late 70s or early 80s. He dressed in a white suit with piano keys down the sleeves & legs, & he was a quaint takeoff of Billy Graham (done by this thin, gangly guy with thin, long, straight blond hair).

He had two catch phrases:

"I look oat heeyah tuhday... And what do I see? I see CON-FUUUUU-SION!" (Which he would emphasize with this crazy thing he did with his hands to make "Elton John Glasses" with his hands upside down, palms towards his face, his fingers on his cheeks, his thumbs & forefingers around his eyes.)

Then he'd list a litany of "trials" his "congregation" had to go through, followed by:

"And what do you do? Do you do drugs?"

The crowd would of course scream wildly in response.

"NO! You don't do drugs! You do rock & roll!"


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