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A Look Back, #7, (March, 2007))


Thanks for participating and I'll a brand-spanking new one up tomorrow.


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Jonathan Boyko:

Oh, I remember this one from way back. It's amazing! I was constantly amazed by you guys coming up with these incredible cartoons. I obviously am not impartial on the matter - as I live in Israel - but I was constantly looking for your cartoons all over the place.


Is the resemblance of the "insurgent" to an oil rig deliberate?

Jonathan Boyko:

IMO, in this case, it is purely coincidental. If I am not mistaken, it has much more to do with a sewage crisis in Gaza at that particular time, when at least hundreds of Gazans' homes were literally engulfed in sewage with Hamas gov't doing next to nothing to help them.


That Hamas figure could just as easily be saying "Loser". And as long as the Palestinians continue to go with Hamas, that's just what they'll be.

Live it. Enjoy it.



Not to make light of the situation in Gaza, but your description of the Hamas gov't. sounds uncannily similar to the U.S. gov't.

They may be passing legislation to beat the band, but their power grabs on some things and inaction on many others is screwing us in the ground.

Jonathan Boyko, don't forget also that Hamas also refused to let us help with that sewage disaster.

And Jon, at the time you did the toon, I appreciated the "priorities" reference since most of the world fails to see what their priorties are -- and it's not their people -- and their foremost priority is the annihilation of Israel.

Shalom from Jerusalem


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