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Say What?



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"Hello, Marge? I think I've found the perfect playmate for that little yappy dog of yours."

Doc Al:

"Hey, guys. I'm in the jungle. The mighty jungle. And I'm gonna stay right here until the sun goes down and see if this lion truly sleeps tonight."


"He says that the lionesses in the pride deposed him, establishing a matriarchal collective where they evenly divide the prey among the members. 'Hakuna Matata, my ass!', he says."

Ed B:

That's right, I said "zebra carcass"! He says bring it NOW or I'm toast.

john cox:



Ok, my hand is shaped like a deer. Now what? ok. yeah. mmmhmm. sure. WAIT! What do you mean he'll go after the deer while I escape?! It's attached to me! No, my hand is not expendable! Son, put mommy on the phone, please.

Tom Wms.:

This hand puppet thing just doesn't work without a sock.

Hi, Dr. Livingston here. I managed to escape those silly cannibals, but this time, I think I'm toast!

Hello, Safari Supply? Yeah, I'm gonna need a really BIG net.

Marlin Perkins said I should bait him with fresh meat. I think that's me.

Hello, Marsha? I'm gonna be a little late for dinner.


"When I told him we'd passed legislation mandating he become a vegan, he just glared at me. However, he hasn't eaten me--it must be the eau de Pete Singer that makes me smell like a rotting corpse. I propose we contact the House of Creed, have them mix us up a batch, & distribute it amongst the antelope & the buffalo."

Doc Al:

"Put Matt Damon on. Hello, Matt? I got a great idea for you - I think we need to take your character up a notch to a whole different level. The film takes place in Africa, on the savannah. I got a working title: "Bourne Free".

john cox:


Alright...that one got me. I'm a sucker for an aweful pun.

john cox:


Alright...that one got me. I'm a sucker for an aweful pun.

Doc Al:

I'll admit it was a real groaner - but it's nice to be appreciated for the true punster I am.


"The moment I said 'Pete Singer' he started making bedroom eyes at me."


"Hay moit... Oie thoink woie noid t' roie-uhvoilurate owah hoierahky of feeeah... somehaih, Oie thoink peerrots shud boie uh li-el fathah doan th' list, en' loiens 'n stoing roies shud boie a li-el cloasuh t' th' tawp.. aye?"


Yes, the LARGEST box of catnip you have, on second thought make that TWO of the LARGEST boxes you have.


"Hay moyt... Oye thoink w' noid t' royehvalurate owuh hoyuhahky of feeyah... mebbe peerots shud boy uh li-el fathah doan th' list, an' loyens 'n stoing roys shid boy a bit cloasuh t' th' tawp... aye?"

Awstraylyen doyehlect, toik tewww.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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