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Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable.

Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)


Looks like a dance to appease the 'computer gods'.


Yup, after music comes interpretive dance. :)

Ed B:

What is it boy? Timmy's in trouble? And you want us to follow you?


I'd disagree ever so slightly with Mr. Huxley--the visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture) can be every bit as expressive of "the inexpressible" [in terms of words] as music--it's just that vision being the primary sense, visual arts are more apt to be derivative...

...& with either music or the visual arts, when something formerly believed to be inexpressible is captured, very few people have levels of sophistication & actualization high enough to even recognize it (artists included).

john cox:


Excellent point.

Keep in mind that of all the senses, hearing has the most direct path to the brain after smell. It connects directly to our emotional hardware.

We either feel the music or we don't, and all the music appreciation courses won't change that. If you don't get Beethoven, then all the classes in the world will not help. But if you do get Beethoven, then you also get every other format of music including good rock, folk, or anything else.


Beethoven was certainly on a musical level that I don't think any other human being has attained...

...& while his work is beautiful, I long for baser stuff...

...stuff like Georgie Auld playing "Rib Tips"--or Robben Ford playing "Revelation"--or Ray Bryant playing just about anything...

...& there was this Eric Clapner guy--he's a fine musician--he played a wicked guitar solo on "Have You Heard"...

...I could keep going (in a bunch of different directions), but I won't.


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