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Professor Mezmeroni



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Steve M:

HA! Great name.


I feel a strong urgency to wrap my hands around those handlebars and yank with all my might to liberate him from that parasitic 'stache controlling his mind.

Is that so wrong?


Do YOU know the power of POSITIVE THINKING? Do things seem out of YOUR control? Do YOU want MORE out of life? Then YOU are in luck. I, Professor Mezmoroni can TEACH YOU how to channel your inner energy to affect those around YOU! YOU will have OTHERS do YOUR bidding. ALL will be in YOUR grasp! Just send me a certified check for the paltry amount of $500 and I will immediately mail YOU, by PRIORITY MAIL, my SECRETS. The CD will arrive, and by APPLYING the lessons I've learned over the years, ALL that YOU desire will be YOURS! ACT TODAY!

john cox:


Y e e e s s s... m a a a a s t e r.


"Vote Democrat. All is well. You are happy. Conservatives are evil."


I like the Zappa soul patch...hey are you sure that's not Frank?


If it isn't Zappa, it's the evil Jim Croce from the parallel opposite universe... you know... kind of like the nice Eric Cartman with the goatee... or the Barack Obama who actually has a clue.

Tom Wms.:

I think I saw this guy on "America's Got Talent".


Unfortunately, America ain't got no grammar & it ain't got no sense, neither.

Contractions are for economy. It's idiotic to use a contraction to make a statement longer.

It should be "America Has Talent" (which, generally speaking, I'm not convinced is true).

People have gotten so accustomed to lazy-tongued slurs & that hard "T" sound jammed into everything they're butchering the language.

"Where are you?" - NOT - "Where [are] you at?"

"Nothing" - NOT - "Nuh-ehn".



Wazup T?




That's a tough dialect to write--& even if you write it right, it isn't easy to read. The "GH" sound at the end of that expression is enunciated like the beginning of the Tim Taylor Tool-Man grunt. It's difficult to learn how to vocalize, but once you get it down, you're well on your way to speaking like an anti-achievement, anti-intellectual thug. Now go kill yourself some cracker babies.

Well... I just had to delete a long screed. It was edgy/funny, but it was also kind of dark.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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