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Beer Label Illustration Idea



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Ed B:

Make that "Lightweight Pilsner"

I would never drink that beer.

Tom Wms.:

This kind of has a Nixon-esque aura.


...served on the White House lawn for over 2-years...


The only beer for when you want to Drink Stupidly.


"As light as The Chosen One's thought processes!"

Critics rave "If you thought The One was an empty suit, just try a bottle of POTUS. You'd swear you were drinking air! If you thought Barry was screwing up the economy, just wait and see what this alleged pilsner does to your digestive tract! If you thought Barack's speeches were devoid of any sense, what until you taste the vast nothingness of this brew!"

Tom Wms.:

Jimmy Carter's brother had his own beer label – Billy Beer. Supposedly, somebody sent a sample to a lab in Atlanta for testing. They received a reply saying, "Dear Sir; We have not yet received the sameple of beer you were going to send us, but we believe your horse has diabetes.

And how do we know Obama's beer would be a lager? Because Ailes is Republican.

JP Kalishek:

more like small beer
or near beer.

He is the Zing of presidents. . .


Man, I'm not going near this one with a 10-foot pole. I'm not even putting my tag on this.

I'll let L'il John say it for me--& since he's a brother, it can't be racist.

"Crunk Juice"
Track # 10
The first 3 lines of Interlude 1



I would think the more suitable libation would be red Kool-Aid made with about 35 million bottles of 1787 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild--give or take a few--mixed with gall...

...& that number of bottles is reported to be grossly underscored according to the newest new calculations by the CBO.

Doc Al:

Funny - I always thought POTUS Beer would be a black and tan.

john cox:


BA DAH BIING! You, sir, are a pistol.

Dr. Bob:


POTUS Beer Jingle and slogan

POTUS - the best of the Obama brewery,
in every can a promise will be.
But beer it's really not,
A sucker, you have bought,
It's really just a can of pee.

And remember folks, POTUS mixed up spells POUTS!


"Einsatz Beer - American Style!"


Better yet, it would be a hearty Chicha...

...every bottle guaranteed to spew in your face.


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