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A Look Back, #3, (August, 2005)



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"Could I have my citizenship in a NO 'PROGRESSIVES' country?"


"Would you like to try the Obama Special?"

"What's an 'Obama Special'?"

"A country-fried Hogzilla with a dozen hard-boiled petrified pterodactyl eggs, a flock of Peking ducks, 4 loaves of French toast, a pan of moussaka, & a silo of grits--not because it meets your nutritional requirements, but because it meets the goals of the government command agro-industrial complex... & if you can down it all in one sitting, it's free."

"What if I can't eat it all in one sitting?"

"It costs everything you have plus $14 trillion, & everything you don't swallow is shoved up your a__."


But..but..but...T, "Progressives" only have your best interests at heart. You'll log onto the internet each morning and get your 'instructions' for the day. What to say, what to wear, what to do, what to buy, what to think. See how easy they want life to be for you?


Exactly. It must be progress. Why else would they put it right there in their name?

Like all the countries with "democratic" and "republic" in their names.

Dr. Bob:

There's a lot of bull going on these days - unfortunately the bull is coming from the White House, not from the economy.

Now how do you like the war coverage now that the Democrats are running it?


You guys warm the cockles of my heart.

“Oh how sweet it is to hear one’s own convictions from another’s lips.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For anybody interested, there have been over 500 (452 through July 2, 2010--66 in July) U.S. combat-related casualties in Afghanistan since President Barack Hussein Obama took office (about the same casualty rate the U.S. experienced in Iraq).

The total number of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan in the 8+ years prior was 448.

SOURCE: AP (Although I had to cobble the numbers together from separate reports. I wonder why that is?)...

...NOT ABC, CBS, NBC (or any of its affiliates), CNN (or any of its affiliates), or even FOX.

Does anybody know why "we" didn't spray the poppy fields with herbicide or blight fungus? They could have done it at night with stealth bombers & they wouldn't have known until the plants shriveled.

I'll readily concede that Bush STP (or FTD) in Iraq--but Obama is doing no better in Afghanistan (not to mention the looming threats a little farther east).



You make a darned good point as well. I get mighty sick of hearing Neal Boortz roar pathetic or Glenn Beck wax poetic on how America "isn't a democracy--it's a republic."

Sorry guys; America may not have been founded as a democracy, but like it or not, that's what we've d___ed well become.

Don't bother me with that "Constitution" business. The f___ing politicians who think they rule this country don't give a d___ about the Constitution.

They think they're elected as a board of mini-kings with a mandate to dictate without regard to their constituents' interests or Constitutionally imposed restrictions, & what was originally intended to be a system of "checks & balances" has been twisted into a collusive political machine.

Both Jefferson & the Anti-Federalists were right.


They wouldn't do that, cause it would hurt civilian afghans, i.e. our "friends" that we have sworn to protect (while in fact, about 60-70% of them resent us Westerners being there in the first place).

No wonder they can sell so much of their poppy seeds for AK-47s and RPG-7s.

Dr. Bob:

Doesn't anyone respect the constitution anymore?

We've had Wilson and Roosevelt who both thought the constitution was an anachronism or an obstacle to be dispensed with and the USA survived them. We've survived Supreme Courts and judges that ignored it as well.

But I'm concerned that the constitution and our nation as we know it, will not survive the Obama Administration.

I love the way you write and also the theme on your blog. Did you code this yourself or was it done by a professional? I'm very very impressed.


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