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and now a word from Ralph Waldo Emerson...



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This is soooooo true!

Other people always want you to be something you're not!


john cox:


Evolving at own pace is the story of man, is it not?


... & if you're not "well-connected," don't be surprised to eventually find yourself completely alone.

Dr. Bob:

Said the man wearing a very tight starched collar with an equally confining bow tie.

just kidding.


“I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just goofing. I disagree with Ralphie on that one, & just about anybody who had a major beef with Harvard's ivory towers is A.O.K. with me.

However, he's right in that if you're trying to make a larger point & all you can do is cite a blurb that was someone else's idea, don't bother. The only thing you'll accomplish is shoveling your position into the "dogma" pile.

This is where apologists of all sorts go wrong--but if you go too far in Ralphie's direction, you risk becoming a worthless solipsist.


Me? I'm at that age where I just piss people off for the hell of it. Besides, it's fun!



I'm with you, generally speaking. It isn't so much that I like p___ing people off as the fact that--having endured more than my fair share of it--I have an incredibly low tolerance for B.S.

When a B.S.er gets in my way, I derive great pleasure from leading him to the tip top of an idjit tree & then striking it down while he's still in it.


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