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Jewish Proverb


I created this Mother's Day illustration and I thought it would be fun to 'shop it into an unlikely place. A subway train partition.

Hope everyone can hug or call their mother on Her Day.


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That's GREAT!


Cheers to the mothers!

That sounds more profane to my ear than I intend it.

Cute baby.


HEY john,

Looks like your blog or e-mail account have been hacked. I just got this e-mail at the address I use on your site:

Subject: urgent please

I'm in New York, and in need of your urgent assistance. Please send me $1,000.00 to enable me to complete my activities here. I will reimburse you as soon as I return. Send it through Western Union Money Transfer with this information.
Receiver: John Cox.
Location: 141 Washington Ave Extension, Albany, New York.

Kind regards,

It's ostensively from your e-mail address, but the originating IP ( is actually from a pool of dialups in Nigeria! I kid you not.

But the NY address corresponds to a Walmart / Sam's Club.


john cox:


It's aweful. I've been dealing with this all morning.

I'm having trouble getting my original e-mail back from the hi-jacker.

Any help?


I got it too and sent an e-mail back? They replied "Yup its me .. Please help me out."

I told them to fly while fornicating. So to speak.


I got this message too, but I didn't get a reply.


I wrote:


If I had the extra money I would send it to you, but I am sorry to say
that I am a "poor" capitalist at the moment. Did you intend to send
this message to someone else?

All the Best,


Have you got access to your hotmail account again? Have you talked to Windows Live ID help center?

Take care out there in cyberspace!

john cox:


Sorry about the mess. Please keep your money in your pocket.


Want I should call my Uncle Knuckles? He has a way of persuading people to 'knock it off', so to speak. And he owes me a large one!


Sorry to hear that, John.

Martin's right -- the best way to regain control is to contact Windows Live Hotmail support and reset your password:



Oh, and if there's anything I can do to help, feel free to email me at

consult kevin at yahoo

(without the space)

Dr. Bob:

That really sux, John. I once had my email and Paypal account hacked and some enterprising Indians attempted to buy a Western Union Moneygram sent to themselves and another tried to send themselves cash from my Paypal account.

One was held by my credit card company and they called me in the morning asking about it. They cancelled the card and issued me a new account immediately.

Western Union also called about the untimely international wire and stopped that as well.

The morons who stole the accounts hadn't even changed the passwords on either account, so I logged in, changed the password and took back my account.

Didn't lose a cent, but what a total PITA and a couple lost days of work dealing with it.

john cox:

Hey Dr Bob

I now get how fragile privacy is.

This is the best blog I've ever seen in my life! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to share your this with everyone.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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