Hold The Crumpets


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Must be one of them there "right wing extremest" mentioned in the DHS report. Notice he's carrying a tea cup. Everyone knows that's just one step away from either a gun or a bible. Didn't THE ONE warn us about people 'like this'.

I am drinking a cup of tea at the moment. I have to get a crumpet! :)

Have you listened to the speech by Dr. John Lewis?

I the real world, there were a few people at the Harrisburg, PA TEA Party that didn't quite get it.



Three guesses as to which one gets the CNN interview... and the first two don't count.

Tom Wms.:

Hey John, I just want to know why the guy with the TEA sign is wearing the other guys pants.


It's part of the stimulis package requiring those with outrageous fashion sense to share they're clothing.

Doc Al:

John -

I guess that explains some of the things I saw on Saturday night!


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