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Egg Hunt


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"Where's the can we can kick?"


scavanger hunt?
Where's the fun in that?

I have a suggestion.

Let's just split up the stimulus funds and deposit them in the personal bank accounts of the leaders of the Democratic Party. Do it on a sliding scale to cover everyone from The Big Zero to the precinct captain level.

If we must have political corruption let us have efficient political corruption.


Yet another great 'toon. The jokes almost seem too easy.

This reminds me of a "bright idea" that a childrens' charity had a few years back.

They decided to have an Easter egg hunt for blind kids in an unfurnished room--4 walls, carpeted floor, with the eggs randomly scattered along the floor.

They turned the children loose in the room--& in their glee, they raced off to "search" for eggs--running into walls, running into each other, & stomping the eggs.

The adults had to quickly intervene, so that each child had its own personal escort to protect it.

Is there a better metaphor for the Democrat mentality than that?


Why are there ATM instructions IN BRAILLE at the DRIVE-UP window at banks?

I would think that it costs too much to produce a separate line of non-braille components for drive up ATM's.

Or it could be a dumb regulation.


excellent work john.


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