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Say What?


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Mr Michael:

No, only the arms are broken; Maybe it was just a chilly studio?


It says this was sculpted on the ancient world's equivalent of a Superfund site.

"Hey, YOU broke it, YOU put it back."

Doc Al:

Oh, my! No wonder there wasn't enough marble left to finish the arms!


Once again, art raises expectations that will later be crushed by reality.


Do you think he was blind?


Dirty and obsure. Niiiiice.

"Oops, I didn't mean to chop that off." -- Lorena

Steve M:

Michelangelo's other, lesser known sculpture, "Goliath".


I'm just glad somebody got it!


Nice art history reference. FUNNY.

Tom Wms:

The girls from the Mother Abstention School for Girls get an abstract lesson in Male Physiology.


"You, like--chipped your tooth? Oh...My...Gawwd... Nevaeh McKynzy--that stuff in sex-ed was like--more like suggestions than like--orders."

Yet another victim of the Madonna & Paris generations...

Dr Bob:

"Wow, it's so anatomically correct and detailed - it's so much bigger than mine."

True story - back in the 70's a philanthropist gave the City of Sioux Falls a replica of the Statue of David to place in a public park. One person wrote a letter to the editor that having the statue on display would cause people to lose their inhibitions, leading to public nakedness and to sexual promiscuity.

Shortly after that letter was published, a rash of streaking occurred - leading to the city council considering the addition of a 60 pound fig leaf covering David's swimsuit area. I think they politely declined the cover-up.

Strange but true.


"Well, compared to your Father's...."

(Too much information!)



The "fig leaf" idea is not a new one. A copy (cast?) of David was presented to Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century. A plaster fig leaf was commissioned to conceal "Nessie" from the Queen & other visiting female dignitaries. Prior to the arrival of David, tin fig leaves had been used on other statuary.

As time has passed, the Brits have become less prudish, & the fig leaf itself now has its own display in the museum.

Some say it is hotly debated as to whether the Queen was offended by the actual sight of "Nessie"--or by the fact that it shrank back on occasion of her arrival. ( :


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