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Illustration Gig:


This is a pencil rough for Allen Forkum's "Automotive Report" this month. Once we both agree this is the way to go, I'll turn this humble scramble of pencil lines into a ravishing watercolor illustration.

I'll post the finished art soon.

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Neat! Looks like Team Obama readjusting the economic lower. That way he'll look 'greater' on the upswing.


I like watercolors.

When do we get the fingerpaint exhibition?


I've imagined something similar:

Uncle Sam with a noose around his neck, standing on his tip-toes on a declining economic "curve" (or saw-tooth line) with the other end of the rope tied to a rising national debt "line" & the Fed holding a gun on him to make sure he doesn't move. The caption would be, "At least we're not waterboarding him. That would be torture."


"Once we both agree this is the way to go" can be paraprhsed as "An offer he cannot refuse"?

Looks good so far, John.



The fingerpaint exhibition is probably over at Rex's site.


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