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Ich bin ein "victim".


Mr. Reality came knockin' on Caroline Kennedy's door. Poor thing.....

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Ya'd think with her money, she'd have top drawer PR people. Guess even the rich can be 'cheap'.

At least we won't have to rename the Senate the House of Lords......yet. Let's see what happens when Splash cashes in.


My guess is that DNC political expediency weighed heavily there.

She had the [big-name, power] backing to figuratively claim that seat, but doing so would have severely damaged Paterson specifically (had he been leaned on to cow-tow & appoint her) & the DEM party in general when the "little people" [voters] revolted on the other side of the table.

The DEMs are really capitalizing on momentum to grab as much power as they can right now. The pendulum is on their side, & they're trying with all their might to keep it there.

I expect that the DEM big-wigs had a little closed-tepee pow-wow & decided that "now isn't her time."

On a positive note--it's nice to know that even DEMs have a limit as to the shenanigans they can tolerate.

However, that tabula rasa thing she has going on is the hot ticket right now. She'll be back.


Nah, she won't be back. The public was supposed to fall down and kiss her Kennedy ass. They didn't. Be interesting to see in Joe From Scranton's son gets his seat in two years in NJ. Off course, those lib idiots in Mass will fall in line when Splash cashes in and his wife is named his successor.



You're probably right...


... I thought the same thing about Hillary.

I'm thinking that she's only 51, she has plenty of time to rehab her image & "make a comeback" somewhere else. Uncle Ted was able to "reform" his image--although he did it in a relatively cloistered environment of [anti-] intellectual incest--& he didn't have the sex/"gender" card to play.

Given time, Lefties can overlook just about anything--as long as they get their largesse--& with as much banter going around as there is about unity, to Lefties it's always "us against them." As long as Caroline is a Kennedy & a Lefty, there's always the possibility of something opening up.

I can hear her theme song now: "She can bring home the culatello/Who needs a pan?/We're too good for pork eaten by common man/Because we're entitled/E-N-T-I-T-L-E-D..."

Tom Wms.:

I think there was more going on than The New York Times wanted us to know. While she is probably a very smart woman (maybe too smart to want the hassel of the seat), she doesn't have the clout her uncle has. I don't think even New York voters were ready for another Kennedy in Washington. Then you have her voting record, or rumored lack thereof. It would have been a PR nightmare to convince the voting public to vote for someone usually doesn't. She has spent a lifetime shying away from the limelight.


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