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Tom Wms.:

"I, uh,Barack Husein uh,Obama do uh solemnly spew the same uh worn out crap I've been uh feedin' you people for the last two years. I promise to uh uphold the Constitution of The uh 57 United States to the extent that it uh serves my people.

I promise to protect the United States with uh as small of a military as I can get away with. I swear uh to open our uh borders and send everybody to uh college.

I uh will 'change' the economy by raisin' taxes beginning with uh a 40% tax on aspirin because it is white and it works.

I, uh, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc, ................."


That's very well said Tom....

Nate W.:

I didn't vote for the guy, but since he is my President I will wish him nothing but amazing success. However I almost feel bad for anybody who has to live up to such fantastic hype.

For some, we enter the Promised Land today. For others, we are entering Sheol. For some, the 44th President is the Messiah. For others, he is Moloch. For some, today is a Coronation. For others, today is an abomination.


I did vote for the guy and wish him nothing but amazing success.

Tom Wms.:

Cowboy, thanks for the kind words. As I have said before, "Our only hope is that he does not live up to our expectations." In that regard, I wish him well.


I wish he'd spent as much time reciting the oath as he did on his inaugural address--but then again, I don't believe for a minute that he believes in the oath, in the underlying principles of the oath, or in the Constitutional restrictions on government.

Then again, I'd be hard pressed to name a president since John Adams who hasn't reached beyond the authority entrusted to him by the Constitution.

God help us, every one.


YWHS, with the exception of the aspirin crack. Tasteless.


I wish for amazing success for our country (& all peaceful & productive citizens of our little blue marble). That just might mean overwhelming failure for POTUS BHO.

Don't ask me why. If you don't get it, there isn't enough room here to explain--& even if I did, I doubt that you'd change your mind.

"Convince a man against his will, he's of the same opinion still." - Samuel Butler, Hudibras

Tom Wms.:

T: If I have offended, I am sorry. But there is a deeper point in that statement. I think it is wonderful that we have finally crossed the color barrier and have a man of color in the White House. The media has gone overboard to remind us that Martin Luther King's dream has finally been fulfilled. What they have lost sight of is that MLK was more concerned with the content of a man's soul than the color of his skin. He didn't just fight for the negro race. He fought for civil rights. I have to wonder how he would have felt about the events of today. While I am sure he would have celebrated, I believe he would also have had an empty feeling deep down because this presidential campaign was not about the most qualified person getting the job. It was, and continues to be, about race.

I believe the term "African American" carries much more dignity than Barack Obama brings to it. While it is true he is half Kenyan, it should be remembered that his African roots abandoned him as a child and he was raised in a caucasion world. He has forsaken the heritage of his youth for one much more politically expediant.

Barack Obama was elected and because of that, he is my president. I will support him and pray that he has the guidance, the wear with all, and the common sense to bring this country back.


I was underwhelmed. Talk about LOWERING expectations. As for the MSM, I thought they were going to all melt into a mutual-Obamagasm. Don't look for any 'spotlights' on government for the next 4 years.



I wasn't personally offended, & I have no trouble at all understanding that many of us are well beyond Obama-hype-overload.

However, it would surprise the heck out of me if the majority of black folks who read [present tense] that comment aren't offended. I think that to many people who are concerned with race--to some degree--a sort-of-black guy reaching POTUS signals to them affirmation & inclusion. I don't know many adults who aren't hindered by some kind of emotional baggage they carry from events in their childhood. Imagine a class of folks who are born into that kind of baggage several generations old, & they are likely smacked in the face by it before they can tie their shoes. It breeds bitterness on a scale that most white folks can't imagine.

It may not be the majority of white folks who have treated black folks poorly, but the rednecks among us have given us a bad name. I think that perhaps it's time to overlook our personal frustrations with some of the obvious hypocrisy & extend a degree of grace & empathy. There's nothing wrong with critical analysis, but be a little more thoughtful about it.

At the risk of being offensive myself, I don't consider the term, "African American" to be particularly dignified; it's a race-baiting term coined by Jesse Jackson. If it makes people feel better to wear that label, it's OK with me--I'd just like for them to understand where it came from.

For now, I've nothing more to say about Obama. Not enough space & I've already written too much.

Jonathan Logan:



We all are born.

We all live.

We all die.

We all exist on the same little spinning ball.

Having said that...

Obama is the president. In theory, he is qualified to be so. He was legally elected by our system of government. We will support him.

How well he tans is irrelevent.

Tom Wms.:

I stand (or sit at my desk) corrected. Like you, I hope other who come to this site are not turned off. As for the African American/dignity comment, there was supposed to be some tongue in cheek there.

All that said, I am going to jump on the "E Ticket" ride and see what thrills it gives me. I'll be patient, but won't hesitate to complain to management when necessary.


Why can't all "comments" pages be this polite?


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