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This is the announcement I'll be printing up to put in some of local watering holes here in Decatur. We'll see what happens....

So far, I've finished eight pieces and expect to do about four more. I'm confident that the show will catch a lot of people by surprise.

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Surprised? You bet; The Audacity of (your) Hope overwhelms me! I in turn offer an atheist's prayer for the huge success of your Angel Machines show.


Break a leg!


Break 'em both!

Congratulations, John.

Wish I could be there, and certainly would be if I were in the country.

I wish you every success with your show. Please keep us posted.



Hey John:
If this is the success I think it will be, how 'bout some t-shirt artwork. The above would look great on the back of a t.

Congratulations to the exhibit! Have a good one! I am curious, what kind of place is Carpe Diem?

See you around!


An "atheist's prayer"...

Is that anything like a politician's promise?

"There will be no lobbyists in this administration... uh... transparency... uh... tough rules... uh.. occasional exceptions... uh... honest mistake... uh... I WON." - Barack Hussein Obama, The Condensed Barack Obama

Good luck, John.


I like your work for the most part.

Wait. . .



If it's Illinois, you are close enough for me to stalk, not like I would actually stalk you or anything like that, I would just hide in your bushes, and take pictures of you through windows.


Hey WP

That would be Decatur, Georgia. I've never been there, but somebody described it to me as "a kinda-sorta borough/suburb" of Atlanta.


That's Decatur, GEORGIA. I describe this place as Mayberry with Wi-Fi.




*note to self* Move to georgia.



Are you jerking my chain? I could have sworn that I typed "Georgia". Do you have some kind of a "bot" that's playing around with my machine? It shows "Georgia" here--what does it show on yours?


You wrote "Georgia". I was just confirming.


When you say...
"The show will catch a lot of people by surprise"
Do you mean...
"120 Sycamore Place has no idea I'm hanging a show up on March 7"?
I kid, but good luck-you always seem to pull these things off with success.

Steve M:

oops-above comment by me-forgot to fill in name

Tom Wms.:

Hey John,

Congratulations! I wish I could be there, but I don't think Allen will foot the bill.

For those of you who don't know, Decatur, GA is like Mayberry with a college. A scenic town square with ample parking, artsy-crafty shops, good watering holes and cafes, nice "scenery", etc. Punctuate all of that with Birkenstocks and Vans (sneakers) and you have "Georgia Quaint" in the middle of Atlanta.


Nice desription. Sounds like you cold write for the chamber of commerce.

Tom Wms.:

John, what does the COC pay? I could use the extra work right now.

Hey Tom

Great question. I'm guessing they pay in coupons and grits.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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